Certification Courses Offered

Learn the Japanese art of Reiki to reduce stress and promote wellness for healing yourself, your family, friends or pets, or to start a new career as a Practitioner. Give yourself the gift of love.

Usui Reiki – Level I
Price: $175.00
Taught in a 6 to 8 hour day
Course includes Level I Attunement which enables you to channel Reiki energy, meditations, Reiki I Manual, with history, theory and illustrations, instruction on how to perform Reiki Self-Treatment, Reiki Chair Treatment on others and Table Treatment on others, with adequate practice time. Ongoing support and Reiki exchanges are available at the student's request. A Reiki Level I Practitioner Certificate is obtained upon completion.
Usui Reiki – Level II
Price: $250.00
Taught in 2 complete days
Course includes Level II Attunement, Reiki II Manual, Reiki II sacred symbols and how to use them, exercises to increase Reiki energy, more detailed information regarding chakras, Distant Healing, and Scanning and Beaming Techniques. This class combines lectures, discussions, and practicing symbols and techniques learned in class. Ongoing support and Reiki exchanges are available at the student's request. A Reiki Level II Practitioner certificate is obtained upon completion.
Usui Reiki – Level III and Reiki Master/Teacher
Price: $500.00
Taught in 2 complete days
Course includes Usui Master Attunement, Usui Master Symbol, instruction on giving all Reiki level Attunements, Reiki meditations, advanced Reiki techniques, with lectures, discussions and practicing attunements and new techniques learned. Much focus in this class is on the spiritual growth and values of a Reiki Master. Upon leaving this class, a Level III Certificate will be given; there is approximately a 7 month period of homework involved in this class following which, when completed, the student will be given a Usui Reiki Master Certificate.
Karuna® I and II Practitioner
Price: $300.00
This two-day course can be studied by anyone who has completed Usui Reiki Level II. This instruction includes attunement to Karuna I and II Practitioner, 8 new symbols, treatment instruction with manual and hands-on instruction. The practitioner will receive a certificate from the International Centre for Reiki Training.
Karuna® Reiki Master
Price: $450.00
Taught in 3 complete days.
Karuna® Reiki is an expression of the evolving nature of Reiki and was developed by The International Center for Reiki Training. After completing this class you will be a full Karuna® Reiki Master, able to teach all levels. Included in this class: 4 Level I symbols, 4 Level II symbols, and 4 Master symbols with description and discussion on their usage, 2 Attunements, meditations for Self-Healing and removing blocks to our progress, utilizing the Karuna® Reiki symbols, instruction and practice in giving attunements, chanting and toning with Karuna® Reiki, and how to teach Karuna® as a 4 Level program, or a weekend intensive. A 45 page class manual is included, with a Karuna® Reiki Master Certificate. Ongoing support and Karuna® exchanges are available as well.

*Note - You must have been a Usui Reiki Master for at least one year to take Karuna® Reiki Master Training, although Practitioner Courses in Karuna® I and II are available to students of Usui Level II.

*For more details on Karuna® Reiki, log on to The International Center for Reiki Training website. 

Shamballa Multidimensional Healing – Levels I & II
Price for both Levels: $150.00
This form of energy healing that some describe as the next level in Reiki can be taught to anyone, regardless of whether they have taken any other type of Reiki before. Even children can learn this simple form of energy work. Course includes attunements to Shamballa I & II, a comprehensive manual and a certificate.
Shamballa Multidimensional Healing – Levels III & IV (Master Level)
Price for both Levels: $175.00
A continuation of the Shamballa energy, including two attunements with additional symbols and instruction on how to attune others to the Shamballa Healing. After completion, you will be awarded a Shamballa Master Certificate which will enable you to teach this wonderful form of healing work.

*Note - Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Levels can also be taught one at a time at the price of $80.00 per level. For those who have never taken any other form of Reiki, this may be the best approach and would be left to the Master/Teacher�s discretion.

Axiatonal Re-Alignment Self-Attunement Instruction
Price: $150.00
Personal Self-Attunement Instruction. This instruction gives the healee an opportunity to learn a simple energy method to do on oneself, working with meridians or energy pathways to correct blockages and imbalances on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Instruction for Self-Attunement includes a manual and a meditation tape.

Learn to perform an ancient remedy for clearing blockages in the head area. Course includes theory, instruction, manual, aromatherapy facial massage techniques to facilitate the treatment and Certificate upon completion