My Journey Towards Healing

I am a Holistic Practitioner with a home based office in Niagara Falls Ontario. I have been working in this field professionally for approximately twenty years. Prior to my work in healing, I was a bookkeeper with a family business and I had worked as a Health Records Technician in a hospital in a Health Records office.

This work, although it provided my family with a second income, and I am grateful for that, was very unrewarding and left me quite unfulfilled. Needless to say, I spent years feeling very empty knowing that I was put here to do something, but for the life of me, I had no idea what is was. This emptiness was overwhelming throughout my entire life and it invariably led to bouts of mild depression that at times were treated chemically. I had tried counselling to cope with this emptiness but that was not much help.

In March of 1998 during a conversation with my mother, I remember half sobbing, and half yelling at her and at God that "This cannot be it!! This cannot be what I was supposed to do with my life, and I wish someone could help me figure out why I was put here!"

Shortly after that, in May of that year, a lovely woman I knew at work, Cindilee, who is a very gifted Healer and Teacher, with whom I had shared a few conversations and who has become a dear friend, told me of her new business in the field of holistic healing. She suggested that I visit her website and that there may be something there that I might be interested in. Why not? That sort of thing had always interested me. Upon entering her beautiful website, I was very drawn to this thing called "Reiki". I don't know why or how but I knew I had to try this healing modality, and I'm very glad I did. That session literally changed my life, and for the better. Little did I know at the time, but I didn't find Reiki - Reiki found me.

The Reiki session was wonderful, and I felt as though I was being surrounded by intense love and it was immensely euphoric. This feeling stayed with me after the treatment for a few days. One week later, I was back for more Reiki. There were issues that came up, things to be healed, and some of them quite painful to look at, but the Reiki session helped me to put them into perspective and let them go with a very loving feeling.

After the third session, Cindilee, who is also a Psychic Medium, told me that I could learn to do this. I looked at her as if to say, are you nuts? I'm not special, I thought, nor am I the least bit intuitive; don't you need special qualifications for this? She assured me that anyone can learn Reiki and that you do not need any special skills or talents, that Reiki is a gift from the Creator for all of his children.

Shortly after that, she gave me the phone number of her Reiki Master, the most beautiful person I know, both inside and out, Christine Samson, who was to become my Reiki Master Teacher, and with her patience and wisdom and unconditional love, helped guide me through my personal and spiritual growth; without her, I don't believe I would have gotten this far. She has taught me so much, but in all fairness to Christine, she would have me tell you that I've taught her as well.

Throughout this process, I knew that I had found what I came here to do! I am a Healer, and I was put here to help people. The empty space I had felt all these years was filling up. I had found my calling and how fulfilling is that? I started to study other Holistic Therapies so that I could eventually start my own practice. As I worked with energy, my intuitive abilities increased, and I worked very hard at developing them. I studied Reflexology with the Ontario College of Reflexology.

Throughout my training, I was always compelled toward energy work and was guided to study several different energy modalities, earning my Master Level in Karuna® Reiki, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing also known as the Personal Transformation for the New Paradigm with the Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing (MDH) Method and Axiatonal Re-alignment. Energy work is definitely my first love!

Just when I thought I had finished my studies, something very interesting started to happen throughout some of my sessions with clients. While I was treating people, every once in a while I would 'channel' what I believed at the time to be hypnotic inductions to help that person achieve a more relaxed state, or to facilitate a healing of some sort. This started to happen more frequently. I had received Hypnosis sessions myself, as did my oldest son with great success, so I knew how beneficial Hypnosis was.

It was quite soon after these 'channellings' started that I decided that certification in this modality was essential to my practice and it was at that time that I enrolled at the Ontario Hypnosis Center to receive certification as a Hypnotherapist. I was trained by the well known Dr.Georgina Cannon, who was the founder and director of the Ontario Hypnosis Center and who is also famous for writing the book RETURN: Past Life Regression and You as well as her latest book, Return Again, published in the Fall of 2012. Dr.Georgina Cannon is also the therapist that the CBC chose when filming their documentary on Past Life Regression in 2004.

I was certified in Hypnotherapy in February of 2004. Since then, I have expanded my course studies in Hypnosis to include specialties in Past Life Regression, Pain Management and Releasing Addictions through Hypnosis. Having practiced this therapy for more than fifteen years, I am amazed at the results for both my clients and myself personally with Hypnosis.

My life has changed so much since the late 1990s. I am happier, healthier, more patient and loving, and oh yes, I am still growing and working on healing myself as well as helping others heal. Many thanks to my family, Stephen, Jesse and Taylor, Mom and Dad. Thank you to my friends and my teachers who have assisted me and continue to help me throughout my journey. Thank you to my many clients and students with whom I have worked along the way, you have also taught me so much! Thanks to those who have yet to come.

A very special thank you to the Universe for my many blessings.

In light,