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What are the benefits of Self-hypnosis CD programs? Can these programs work for me?

Self-hypnosis audio CDs are beneficial tools for changing behaviours of any kind. Healing of the mind, body and spirit are possible with the naturally occurring healing state of hypnosis. No matter what changes you are creating, Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals. By the process of deep relaxation of your mind and body, your subconscious mind is more easily accessed and more receptive to the helpful and beneficial suggestions, enabling you to create the changes you desire at the deepest level, your subconscious mind.

Repeated use of a Self-hypnosis program can help you modify your behaviour and it is suggested that you listen to the Hypnosis program at least twenty times over the course of a month to create deeply lasting changes.

All programs are performed by Suzanne Adams, Certified Hypnotherapist and a member in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

All programs are in CD format and are $20.00 CAD each;
1-3 CDs, add $5.00 CAD Shipping and Handling.
4-plus CDs, add $6.00 CAD Shipping and Handling.
Provincial Sales Tax is applicable for Canadian residents only.

Payments accepted by cheque and money order: Please email Suzanne to place your order and arrange for payment. You can also order with the Paypal Shopping Cart by clicking on any of the Add to Cart buttons.

Audio Programs Available:

Saying Goodbye to Cigarettes

Whenever you are ready to heal this habit, this program will facilitate in the process of releasing the behaviour and will assist in reaffirming your commitment to better health.
Become a non-smoker forever!

Freeing Yourself of Excess Weight

This program provides you with suggestions that encourage positive changes in eating patterns and food choices, resulting in weight loss and physical health and wellness.

Motivation to Exercise

This program is designed to assist you in identifying the exercises you will enjoy. When that has been established, the program will help you to perform them regularly and to develop a true desire for regular workouts.
Enjoy your transformation!

The 20 Minute Natural High

A safe, guided relaxation into hypnosis, specifically designed to kick start the 'feel good' receptors, hormones and chemicals in the brain. This program will enable a natural lift or elevated mood for several hours.

Aura Protection, Clearing and Strengthening

A gentle guided journey with one of your Spirit Guides or Angels to assist you in creating a healthy auric field, clearing your energetic space and protecting your energy field from undesirable influences.
A very powerful technique!

Developing Your Intuition

Experience a guided journey to an elevated state of consciousness. Working with an Ascended Master, you can heal and release the blockages and restrictions in the third eye centre that may be preventing you from receiving intuitive messages from your Higher Self.
Experience an increase in your psychic abilities.

Awesome Memory and Learning

With the use of this program, you can utilize your memory and learning abilities optimally and remain relaxed and focused in the process of studying and recalling information. Your mind can work its miracles for your benefit in a learning environment, the workplace or in your everyday life.

Unlocking Human Potential

Experience your transformation!  This program is designed to assist you in achieving your maximum potential to unlock your natural abilities and to find your power and creativity within you. Free yourself of negative thoughts, fears and self-sabotaging behaviours.

Public Speaking

A gentle relaxation and guidance to develop your public speaking abilities. Using this program, you can allow a healing of fears or memories of the past that have created concern over public speaking and give you the confidence and inspiration to articulate yourself comfortably in any public speaking venue.
Feel and experience the confidence!

The Healthy Happy You

This program is designed to assist you in becoming healthy and to encourage a positive loving attitude toward yourself, healing negative emotions that may help create disease. You will heal by tapping into Universal Love and allowing this energy to permeate every cell of your body.
Experience a gentle transformation and welcome to wellness!


Experience a soothing relaxation with guidance into a deep restful sleep by allowing your mind to first experience a Mental Vacation, allowing the mind to release body tension and unnecessary thoughts. This program will assist you to fall asleep easier and to experience a deep, profound restful sleep anytime you wish.
Feel the difference a good night's sleep can make!

Reiki Self Treatment Meditation

This program is a guided Reiki meditation for all levels of Reiki practitioners, particularly useful for Level One students during the twenty-one day cleansing period. Suzanne guides you through your self treatment, instructing the various hand positions. Included in this guidance is a beneficial chakra clearing exercise prior to the Reiki self treatment.